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28 Sep 2012 . . /dev/null

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  • Braintree

    Engineering (Treasury)

  • PayPal


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  • Guaranteed Rate


  • Avant

    Senior Associate Software Engineer, Global Product

  • 8th Light

    Senior Consultant

  • Outpace Systems

    Software Developer

  • OpsFab

    Software Systems Engineer Consultant

  • Indiegogo

    DevOps Engineer

  • Changemakrs

    Software Engineer Intern


  • Vincent has an incredibly positive attitude, and he is eager to work through problems collaboratively with his teammates, which made it a lot of fun to work with him. He has strong technical skills and can muscle through the details of complex and/or unfamiliar domains, but he's also able to zoom out and see the forest for the trees. He demonstrated this by regularly coming up with creative, simple solutions to tricky problems and catching issues that others overlooked. Regardless of the scope or domain of the problem at hand, Vincent always thinks critically and is not afraid to question the status quo and drive change.
  • Vincent is a talented and thoughtful developer who consistently makes valuable contributions to his team. I'm impressed with Vincent's ability to learn and constantly improve at his craft. I enjoyed working with Vincent tremendously and would recommend him without any hesitation. I hope to work with Vincent again in the future.
  • Vincent spun up very quickly on a DevOps platform toolchain involving Make, Bash, Python, Docker, Ansible, and Clojure. He knows both how to learn and how to help create a culture of learning and apprenticeship. He is patient and empathetic, and brings focus and execution to pair programming sessions. I hope to have the chance to work with him again.
  • Vincent is a very talented developer with fantastic intuition for operational and systems concerns. Beyond his technical competencies, Vincent is a very positive and professional team member. He's a joy to work with, and I would happily seek an opportunity to do so again.
  • In addition to being a highly dependable and thoughtful member of the team on which Vincent served, Vincent is a solid programmer. When things weren't working the way we expected them to, Vincent would frequently save us several hours of work by calmly assessing the situation, and bringing his knowledge of the tools his team wrote and maintained to bear on our problem. I would gladly work with Vincent again.
  • Vincent quickly picked up a very complex problem domain on our platform as a service project while building out several widely used internal tools at Outpace. He's more than willing to hop on a patch and explore it to ensure a high level of user quality as well as a high level of code quality.


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